Grooming Singaporeans who have a strong interest in translation and interpretation, and a deep familiarity with the Singapore context

To encourage deepening of skills and lifelong learning, the Translation Talent Development Scheme (TTDS) was launched to provide opportunities and support for local translation and interpreters.

We speak to three translation talents — Mr Clement Huang (CH) and Mr Karunanithi s/o Jeevanantham (KJ), as well as Mr Bashir Basalamah (BB)…

These tech-savvy volunteers from Hewlett Packard Enterprise and HP Inc. are teaching seniors how to use e-payments.

Volunteers from HP Inc. ready to assist and accompany seniors throughout their e-Payment Learning Journey

Multinational corporations may be changing the world with innovation and transformative technologies, but some are also ensuring that no one is left behind in this digital age.

In Singapore, volunteers from technology corporations…

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